HPC 1233CMSB240V : Switch Blitz Machine



The new Switch Blitz combines the best of both worlds. The Original Blitz code machine combined with a heavy-duty semi-automatic duplicator. Now in the bench space of 1 machine you have 2 top-quality key machines. The brilliant design and engineering makes the switch from code cutting to duplicating as simple as 1, 2, 3.

It cuts by code just like the Original Blitz. To duplicate, simply Slide the code bearing sleeve to the right. Push in the locking pin to hold the depth crank in place. Flip the depth crank toggle handle down to engage the spring-loaded duplicating plunger.

To switch back to code cutting, just reverse the process. No tools are needed, and no adjustments are required to the machine to switch from code cutting to duplicating and back again.

The new Switch Blitz is equipped with the latest features. It comes with the unique Quick Nut that allows for changing cutters without the use of any tools. The left-hand jaw is furnished with the new Easy Flip Shoulder Gauge handle. This new handle makes it easier to raise and lower the shoulder gauge. The machine also has the safety switch on the shoulder gauge that prevents the machine from powering on if the shoulder gauge is not all the way in the down position.

The motor on the Switch Blitz is a high performance model that provides ample torque for cutting. It is available in 120VAC and 240VAC for use in lock shops around the world, or in the combination 120VAC/12VDC when you want to use it in both your shop and vehicle.

The Switch Blitz is supplied with 3 cutters:

  • The CW-14MC cutter is for use on many commercial and residential keys.
  • The CW-1011 cutter is for use on most car and motorcycle keys, as well as on small furniture and switch lock keys.
  • The new CW-6010 is a double-angle cutter designed specifically for duplicating on the Switch Blitz.

While the standard designated code cutters can be used for most duplicating, the CW-6010 is best for high volume duplication.

The machine is supplied with an expanded deck of 150 code cards, including many cards for the latest cars. Additional specialty code cards and adapters including for Tibbe and Tubular keys, are available separately.