LF CAM2 HOR/VERT : Cam Lock 19mm



This lock is ideal for use on drawers and doors.  Rotating 
the key results in 90º or 180º rotary cam movement.  The lock can be 
fitted in seconds by simply pushing into the panel cut out.  
- Key removable in locked position.   
 - Suits panels 0.5 - 0.9mm thick 
- Zinc alloy die cast housing 
- Zinc plated steel cam 
- Stainless steel capped barrel 
- 1 pair of nickel plated keys per lock  
ORDER CODE  -  LF CAM2 HOR KA (horizontal face - keyed alike)
ORDER CODE  -  LF CAM2 HOR KD (horizontal face - keyed to differ)
 ORDER CODE  -  LF CAM2 VERT KA (vertical face - keyed alike)
 ORDER CODE  -  LF CAM2 VERT KD (vertical face - keyed to differ)