LW 001T-1K1 CPDP : 001 Touch Deadlatch




The iconic 001 deadlatch has been securing homes and businesses  for the last 30 years. So to move with the times, it has now gone digital.

The new 001touch uses the 001 deadlatch on the inside and features a stylish digital touch screen pad instead of an external cylinder.

You are able to program in either pin codes or use proximity cards.

 A temporary code may also be programmed in to last from three hours to two weeks.

For added convenience, an illuminated screen will asist in the programming of key features.

With no wiring and low power consumption 4 x standard AA batteries will unlock the door up to 10, 000 times. It also has a low battery light which indicates at less than 30% power.

There is a 9 volt emergency power contact point.


ORDER CODE : LW 001T-1K1 CPDP (001 Touch Deadlatch)


Also available : LW 001T-FKEY (001 Touch Key Fob)