LW 002-1KDX : Digital Lockset



The Lockwood Digital Lockset.

Suits right or left hand doors opening in. For outward opening
doors or doors with metal frames, special Digital 002 locks are
available on application.  
Features & Specifications 
Outside: Press the C button, enter the correct code, then turn
the knob to unlock the door. Upon releasing the turnknob the 
code is automatically cancelled. 
Inside: Opened by knob/lever at all times.  
 Materials - Digital Mechanism, Body and Turnknob: Zinc alloy.  
 Digital buttons: Stainless Steel.  Escutcheon: Rubber.     
 Internal Mechanism: Brass, stainless steel and high strength  
 zinc alloy.  
 Door Thickness -  28 to 45 mm 
 Internal Case Assembly - High purity zinc alloy 
 Bolt - Stainless steel.  20 mm projection.  
 Backset - 60 mm.  
 Hold-back Function - Bolt hold-back function activated by  
 internal knob/lever. 
LW 002-1KDX DPPB  -  Polished Brass (display packed)
LW 002-1KDX DPSC  -  Sation Chrome Plated (display packed)


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