PRESTO 7470 : SearchAlert Padlocks



Perfect peace of mind when travelling to the United States. TSA customs officials can unlock and lock your luggage padlocks if they need to inspect your bag, so you need not replace your padlocks after they have been cut off. However, these SearchAlert padlocks will also display a red warning symbol to show your bag has been unlocked.

This compact but robust padlock is also suitable for lockers, cash boxes and many other useful applications, especially those requiring a finer shackle.


Black  -  Presto 7470BLK

Blue  -  Presto 7470B

Camo  -  Presto 7450C

Green  -  Presto 7470G

Nickel  -  Presto 7470N

Orange  -  Presto 7470O

Pink  -  Presto 7470P

Purple  -  Presto 7470PU

Red  -  Presto 7470R

Yellow  -  Presto 7470Y