HPC KEYKAB 8 : Key Cabinet



8 keys (168 x 146 x 51mm)


Single-Tag KeKabs® - HPC's single-tag key security control 
system is designed to control and provide security for 8 to 730 keys. 
KeKabs® are ideal for home, store, or office use, where centralized 
or departmental key control is desired. They are designed to be 
mounted on a wall, near a desk or a work station. 
Each HPC KeKab®  Security Control System Includes: 
¤  White Plastic Key Tags with bright nickel plated snap-hooks 
 which can hold multiple keys on each snap-hook. The tags are 
 numbered for easy identification. 
 ¤  Durable Steel Key Racks that are slotted to store key tags 
 uniformly for immediate identification. 
 ¤  "Out Key" Control Tags that are made of yellow paper. 
 They are used for accountability (to record information on loaned keys). 
 ¤  Lock Location Data which consists of an erasable lock location chart as part of the KEKAB-8 and numbered key control booklets with all other KeKabs®. 
 ¤  It comes with a key retaining 5-wafer cam lock, a high security 7-pin tubular lock with popout T-Handle. 
 ¤  Unique powder coat textured painting process which provides 
 an attractive and very durable finish. The neutral sand color allows  
 them to be hung anywhere . 
 ¤  Heavy Gauge Steel Construction with piano hinged doors and 
 key panels provides a sturdy location to secure your keys. 
 Most Single-tag KeKabs® are equipped with a 5 wafer cam lock 
 with two keys. KeKabs® denoted with an asterisk (*) are equipped 
 with a high security 7 pin tubular lock with popout T-handle. 
 The "X" at the end of a stock number denotes that the cabinet 
 is expandable.