MA H060ES : Medium Electronic Hotel Safe



This safe provides the ultimate flexibility with a reprogrammable
electronic lock with the option of a keypad or card swipe entry.
An interior LED light makes searching for important valuables
easier when the safe is stored in a dimly lit setting.  Idal for hotel
and tenant environments, the safe's solid steel construction, pry
resistant door and 2 live-locking bolts help protect against
unauthorised access.

Exterior: 17.8cm x 38.1cm x 27.9cm
Interior: 16.5cm x 37.6cm x 18.5cm
Capacity: 11.6 litres
Weight: 9.1kg



  • Users are able to choose between a reprogrammable
    electronic lock with keypad or card swipe reader for securing
    their important documents and valuables
  • Master override key allows for backup access in the case of a
    forgotten code or lost/stolen magnetic stripped card
  • Auxiliary Remote Battery Pack provides back-up access in the
    case the installed batteries are not strong enough to operate
    the card swipe reader or reprogrammable electronic lock
  • Solid steel, pry-resistant door and body protect against
    unauthorised access
  • 2 live-locking bolts help to prevent unwanted entry
  • Includes bolt down kit to prevent unauthorised removal
  • Carpeted floor protects valuables against scratches and damage
  • Interior LED light provides quick and convenient access to
    important documents and vaulables